Advanced Studies Diploma


Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy
The diploma focuses on the in-depth study of essential oils and carrier oils and their applications.


Program Length: 24 hours


Ayurvedic Chanting and Mantra
This diploma teaches special Ayurvedic (Healing) mantras / chants and practices for daily basis and for your constitution
and health.


Program Length: 16 hours

Ayurvedic Nutrition
This diploma teaches about principles of Ayurvedic Cooking, and useful herbs, oils and foods and their healing properties
and natures.


Program Length: 16 hours

Ayurvedic Modalities
The diploma provides practical knowledge and experience on Ayurvedic bodywork such as shirodhara, nasya, abhyanga
and other therapies.


Program Length: 32 hours

Marma Training
The diploma emphasizes the Marma points that promotes healing on the physical, mental and emotional levels.


Program Length: 32 hours

Pulse & Tongue Diagnosis
The diploma program emphasizes tongue and pulse diagnosis as tools for assessment in Ayurvedic consultations.


Program Length: 32 hours

Energy Medicine

Color Therapy
The diploma is a discussion of Color Therapy and its effect on mood, behavior and well-being. A color therapist uses color
to balance the energy of their client’s body wherever it is lacking, whether it be on a physical, emotional,
spiritual or mental level.


Program Length: 10 hours

Crystal Therapy
The diploma in Crystal Healing teaches the art of laying on stones (crystals and gems) in coordination with the body’s energy
field, energy centers and energy pathways. Correct placement of crystals on the body will promote emotional and
mental harmony.


Program Length: 10 hours

Energy Medicine
The diploma program will help you develop your natural ability to sense, use and channel energy, to build your intuition,
and heal all levels of energy in others and how to attract clients to your practice.


Program Length: 30 hours

Sound Healing
The diploma gives an overview of the basic structure of sound and how it can be used for meditation, relaxation, learning,
productivity, healing and raising consciousness.


Program Length: 10 hours

Therapeutic Touch for Nurses
The diploma in Therapeutic Touch teaches students how to place their hands on or near their patient's body with the intention
to help or heal. Therapists learn how to consciously direct an individual's energies by interacting with his
or her energy field.


Program Length: 12 hours

Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology)

Jyotiṣa Fundamentals I
Basic understanding of the planets, movement, positions and how they form a chart.
Jyotiṣa Fundamentals II
The fundamentals of analysis of the house in Jyotiṣa (Bhava Vicara). Introduction to methodologies and interpretation.
Jyotiṣa Fundamentals III
Yoga Vicara. Study of combination or union of astrological factors that create different effects on the life of the native.
Jyotiṣa Fundamentals IV
Health and Psychological Proformas. Step by step systems that indicate imbalances or predispositions to certain physical and/or mental conditions in a chart.


The diploma of Reflexology is a firm grounding in all key areas of reflexology. This course covers the training and skills
required to operate in private practice.


Program Length: 25 hours


Breathing Techniques
This diploma offers an in-depth understanding of prana and the energy body. nadis (energy channels), chakras, diaphramatic
and yogic breathing techniques.


Program Length: 20 hours

Perfecting Yoga Poses
This diploma emphasizes specific yoga postures to deepen and expand your practice. This practicum course will explore specific
inversions, binds and variations to basic postures.


Program Length: 20 hours

Yoga Fundamentals
This diploma provides a detailed understanding of yoga foundations, postural alignment and breath. You will begin to gain
an understanding of a yoga class structure and Sampoorna Yoga flow.


Program Length: 20 hours

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