Ayurvedic Doctor (Year 3)

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Ayurvedic Doctor

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The Ayurvedic Doctor program provides advanced study in Ayurveda including the study of the classical texts that are the bedrock of ayurvedic study. The program focuses on a deeper contextual meaning of Ayurveda. Students will have a deeper understanding of the Sanskrit language, the slokas and the traditional teachings of Ayurveda. This program provides the most advanced study in Ayurveda including the study of Western medicine to tie both Eastern and Western medical protocols together. The program focuses on strengthening the practitioner's understanding of Western disease, pathology, and assessment.

Upon completing the Ayurvedic Doctor program, a student should have certain competencies or learning objectives:

  • The student will be able to understand the connection between Western diagnosis and Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment
  • The student will be able to understand the ancient texts in their native language and recite the slokas
  • The student will be able to complete a marma session with an understanding of the points and their functions
  • The student will be able to comprehend social, spiritual and ethical principles involved in ayurvedic practice
  • The student will be able to accurately assess pulse readings to uncover disease before it manifests.
  • The student will be able to utilize knowlege of pharmacology and herbal formulations in their practice
  • The student will gain practical skills in developing treatment plan protocols
  • The student will be able to utilize Western assessment techniques to provide the most comprehensive treatment in their Ayurvedic practice
  • The student will be able to complete a dissertation and defend their research results to faculty and peers
SA3201Classic Ayurvedic Texts
SA3202Advance Marma Therapy and Panchakarma
SA3203Advanced Pulse Diagnosis
SA3204Western Disease Pathology I
SA3205Western Disease Pathology II
SA3207Ayurveda Toxicology
SA3208Advanced Ayurvedic Psychology & Energy Medicine / Management of the Nervous system and Advanced Counseling Techniques & Clinical Practicum
SA3209Social Medicine, Spirituality & Yoga Sutras
SA3210Western Physical Assessment & Laboratory Testing
SA3211Seminar in Ayurvedic Clinical Case Studies
SA3212Dissertation/Doctoral Field Project
SA3213Clinical Practicum

Please Note

The Ayurvedic Practitioner program is a prerequisite of this class.

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