Masters in Ayurveda (Year 4)

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Masters in Ayurvedic Medicine Program

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The Masters in Ayurvedic Medicine program provides advanced study in Ayurveda including the study of the classical texts that are the bedrock of ayurvedic study. The program focuses on a deeper contextual meaning of ayurveda. Students will have a deeper understanding of the Sanskrit language, the slokas and the traditional teachings of ayurveda.

Upon completing the Master in Ayurvedic Medicine program, a student should have certain competencies or learning objectives. The learning objectives of the Master in Ayurvedic Medicine program are:

  • The student will be able to understand the ancient texts in their native language and recite the slokas
  • The student will be able to complete a marma session with understanding of the points and their functions
  • The student will gain practical skills in developing treatment plan protocols.
  • The student will be able to write a research proposal and use statistical analysis software
SA4201Classic Ayurvedic Texts695
SA4202Advanced Marma Chikitsa695
SA4203Advanced Panchakarma695
SA4404Social Medicine, Spirituality & Yoga Sutras695
SA4405Principles of Research & Statistics for Ayurvedic Practioners695
SA4406Masters Thesis/Supervised Field Project695
Total Credit Hours36570

Please Note

15 hours of classwork/coursework = 1 credit hour / 50 hours includes 28 classroom hours and 80 hours of additional coursework.

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