The Kerala, India Gurukula program is a 4-week immersion experience of living and studying Ayurveda.

This program offers lecture, clinical, and experiential components in a supportive environment for those ready to further integrate Ayurveda into their personal lives and build confidence in their clinical practices.

The program includes 300 hours of classroom, outpatient and hospital experiences, successful completion of this program abroad will satisfy the clinical practicum requirements for graduation for the Certificate in Ayurvedic Medicine and Associate in Ayurvedic Medicine programs.

This program is available to students at an additional cost. Non-degree seeking students who are eligible may apply.

Dr. Prapanch

Dr. Prapanch

Dr. Prapanch began his career in 2004, as the chief physician at the Ayush therapy center in Bangalore. He then moved to Chennai where he began work operating two Ayush centers at T Nagar and Mahabalipuram. Shortly after this, he became a medical officer at the Govt. Ayurvedic dispensary in Kannur for a year, while also lecturing at Parassinikadav Ayurvedic Medical College becoming NSS co-coordinator to oversee various seminars and medical camp projects. During this time he also acted as a consultant at the Pappinissery Visha Chikitsa treating numerous cases involving poisonous bites and skin disease.

In 2006, Dr. Prapanch started consultations at the Apthasree Ayurvedic successfully treating maladies like Aids, cancer, paralysis, skin disease, infertility as well as liver and kidney disease through non invasive means. Here, he also worked with children suffering from retardation, autism and psychiatric issues.

Dr. Prapanch then started the Vaidhyas Ayurvedic hospital to offer inpatient Panchakarma treatments for chronic cases. Within 3 years he had successfully treated more than 1200 cases involving Cervical spondulosis, eye and bleeding disorders as well as low back and knee joint related problems.

His hospital now holds 12 beds and includes 4 treatment rooms drawing patients from all over India and elsewhere.

On average he sees 50 to 60 patients a day for a career that has spanned a decade.

Among his particularly successful outcomes are infertility cases, of which his success ratio is close to 90% and mainly consists of male sexual health issues.

For the purpose of research and development in 2008 Dr. Prapanch started the Vaidhyas Ayurvedic production and research division and now offer 16 private patent formulations to treat a range of issues including hair loss and male infertility.

Dr. Asha Prapanch

Dr. Asha Prapanch

Dr. Asha Prapanch was in the top of her class while earning her BAMS and MD degrees. She has also shown herself to be a top manager and lecturer at various Ayurvedic treatment centers.

Starting her career at the Gynecological dept. of Modern hospitals in Bangalore, helped her gain the necessary hands on skills to deliver new borns and treat special gynecological cases. Working along side of her husband, Dr. Prapanch successfully managed the Ayush center of Hindustan Liver LTD., and is well know for her authentic treatment style.

She joined the heritage Ayurvedic hospital as an RMO and began lecturing and teaching Gynacology at Parassinikadav Ayurvedic medical college. Her experience and teaching skill allowed her to become the course director of BSC Nursing (Ayu) at the college as well.

Asha, has been instrumental in introducing internship to nursing students at various allopathic hospitals around Kannur and is highly regarded for her work in pediatric cases and panchakarma, often being the last word in decision making when it comes to treatment protocols. She is the current principle at the Vaidhyas Ayurvedic Institute of Panchakarma and has an active role in it’s course design. As it stands, Dr. Prapanch, as a chief physician, is a much loved and esteemed teacher, known for her exceptional communication skills and kindly bedside manner.