This ancient wisdom is a gift to humanity. It facilitates the understanding of karma through the study of destiny patterns in a chart with the objective to remove sorrow and bring light into our lives.

Jyotiṣa Fundamentals I provides a solid foundation to understand a chart as well as an inevitable personal refinement that will transform your life and those around you.

There are four levels of Fundamental classes, each level consisting of 10 one-hour weekly classes. Homework and a “debrief” class are required to participate in this program.

For more information on starting date, please contact the college.

YO1101 Jyotiṣa Fundamentals I
Basic understanding of the planets, movement, positions and how they form a chart.
JYO1102 Jyotiṣa Fundamentals II
The fundamentals of analysis of the house in Jyotiṣa (Bhava Vicara). Introduction to methodologies and interpretation.
JYO1103 Jyotiṣa Fundamentals III
Yoga Vicara. Study of combination or union of astrological factors that create different effects on the life of the native.
JYO1104 Jyotiṣa IV
Health and Psychological Proformas. Step by step systems that indicate imbalances or predispositions to certain physical and/or mental conditions in a chart.
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Health is known as happiness, while disorder is unhappiness.
— Charaka Samhita
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