Two Day Yoga Immersion

Deepen Your Practice

March 25th - 26th
Instructor: Anay Amrita Abreu, E-RYT, LMT, FS, AVS (Ayu)
Investment: $216
Questions: 305.389.2408

This isn't instruction but experience. The program consists of a Sacred Fire Ceremony, Meditation, Pranayama, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Physiology, Sound Healing, and Deep Relaxation.

Noble silence (Mauna) will be observed during the immersion. Mauna, which has a voice of its own, refers to peace of mind and inner quietude. The scriptures insist upon the proper understanding of silence by experiencing it through the control of speech and practice.

RSVP only. Limited space. Commitment based.

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Health is known as happiness, while disorder is unhappiness.
— Charaka Samhita
CAC Announces Candidacy Status for Sampoorna
March 22, 2018 - The Council on Ayurvedic Credentialing (CAC) has announced that Candidacy Status has been established for Sampoorna College of Ayurveda and Holistic Studies. After a rigorous process we have become eligible for accreditation.

Sampoorna College of Ayurveda and Holistic Studies is in accordance with the curriculum standards established by the Council on Ayurvedic Credentialing (CAC), the committee on the forefront of standardizing Ayurvedic education. For more information please visit

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