Welcome to Sampoorna College of Ayurveda and Holistic Studies

Sampoorna is a Sanskrit word meaning complete or whole. This wholeness is reflected in Sampoorna College of Ayurveda and Holistic Studies's philosophy and methodology which emphasizes comprehensive course studies and superior practical training.

We are pleased and inspired by your dedication to pursue an education in Ayurveda. Through hands on learning, course study and a willingness to grow spiritually, the full dimension of this ancient Vedic science will unfold, creating balance and understanding, by promoting awareness, knowledge and well being.

The faculty at our college pledge to match your enthusiasm with dedication, professional courtesy and a sincere desire to help you meet your personal and career goals.

As students we ask you to maintain a disciplined focus as the body of knowledge we study is vast. As educators we are committed to presenting the time tested methods of Ayurveda in a clear and practical manner suitable to our modern times.

With these hopes, our college welcomes future practitioners, teachers and leaders in the movement of Ayurveda and invite you to help us raise the awareness of and expand the availability of this most precious science.

Anay Abreu & Frances Yahia
College Directors

Our Mission

At Sampoorna College of Ayurveda and Holistic Studies, our aim is to educate and guide those called to the path and profession of Ayurveda. As practitioners and educators, we undertake to join students in spreading the knowledge of complete health and higher living to our families and communities.

Our faculty encourages living an engaged Ayurvedic lifestyle, as the best means to maintain and promote authentic practice both in and outside the classroom.

We are what we teach and choose to set a standard of excellence, propelling students into careers as successful practitioners, healers and health innovators.

The Faculty

Anay Abreu

Anay ‘Amrita’ Abreu

Anay Abreu is a co-director at Sampoorna Ayurvedic College & Holistic Studies, leading instructor of Yoga Bijam and director of Omrita Yoga & Ayurveda. Anay is a well-established Ayurvedic Practitioner, an experienced Yoga teacher and body worker practicing professionally in South Florida. Her introduction into the healing sciences began with an interest in Yoga, and deepened under the tutelage of her first Yoga teacher, Sylvia Stephenson a practicing yogini and Buddhist practitioner.

2007 brought her to the Sivananda Ashram in Uttaranchal, India where she certified as a Yoga teacher and was introduced to Ayurveda. After returning to Miami, Anay was introduced to Sampoorna Yoga also influencing her practice.

In 2012, Anay was awarded certification as an Ayurvedic Practitioner after completing a two year Vedic Science Degree program at Sai Ayurvedic College & Ayurvedic Wellness Center where she also became a faculty member for two years. This program afforded her an opportunity to travel to Kerala, India for intensive training in Panchakarma, Herbology and Clinical Diagnostics.

She continues to study with Dr. Vaidya Ashlesha Raut, BAMS and Aparna Bapat, BAMS. Further training inside the US has enabled her to complete practicums on Pulse Diagnosis and Marma Chikitsa as a student of doctor Vasant Lad BAMS.

Anay is a member of the National Medical Association (NAMA) and is a registered 500 hour experienced teacher through the Yoga Alliance.

Frances Yahia

Dr. Frances Yahia

Dr. Frances Yahia is co-Director at Sampoorna College of Ayurveda and Holistic Studies. She earned a PhD in Educational Leadership at Barry University, a Masters in Public Health and a Masters in Dietetics & Nutrition from Florida International University.

Frances has been a college administrator for 15 years including Dean of Academics, Academic Director and Faculty Mentor at leading colleges and universities around the nation. Frances has been a college professor for decades and has taught numerous online and traditional courses in the field of mental health, nutrition and alternative medicine.

Dr. Yahia is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, a program she completed at Sai Ayurvedic College & Ayurvedic Wellness Center with advanced ayurvedic studies in Kerala, India and a certified Sampoorna yoga instructor.

Ashlesha Raut

Vaidya Ashlesha Raut

Academic Advisor

  • BAMS (India)
  • Master in Ayurveda (India)
  • NC (Nutritional Consultant)
  • HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner)
  • RAS (Registered Ayurvedic Specialist)
  • BCIM (Board Certified in Integrative Medicine - American Association of Integrative Medicine)

Vaidya Raut is an integrative Ayurvedic practitioner, Nutritional consultant and a holistic health educator. She is a third generation Vaidya who is classically trained in Ayurveda from Mumbai University, India.

She earned the distinctive honor and a gold medal for her post graduate dissertation work.

She has been practicing Ayurveda for more thana decade and has been an integral part of the Ayurveda healing community with a mission towards providing a Holistic Path for Wellness and Optimal Health through Ayurveda and integrative medicine.

Vaidya Raut is passionate about teaching and promoting Ayurveda and is an Ayurveda faculty at many colleges in North America.

She has been presented by the North America award of “Charaka” in recognition of her excellence in Ayurvedic teaching in 2012. She is a “Second degree Reiki healer”.

Vaidya Raut was also awarded a prestigious “Shiromani Award” by Indian Board of Alternative Medicines for her contributions towards the integrative medicine in the industry.

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