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Marma Therapy, known as the mother of all healing therapies, is a 5,000 years old system of Ayurveda.

Marma Therapy, known as the mother of all healing therapies, is a 5,000 years old system of Ayurveda. Marma means vital energy point, a bridge between body, mind, and spirit. The Marmani are located where the three doshas and anatomical-energetic structures meet. Stimulating these points causes hormones, neurochemicals, and stored memories to be released, balancing the body and promoting wellbeing.

A profound treatment, Marma therapy creates an opportunity to experience powerful and dynamic
transformation at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, through connection to the higher mind and the subconscious. Though resembling acupuncture points and extending to larger areas of the body, marma
points bridge the gap between the physical and energetic bodies by carrying information between the mind and the body’s organs and tissues.

Course Description:

Beginners Level Training

40 hours | January 26, 2024

  • Marmani of Head, Face, Neck, Upper and Lower Extremities
  • Functional Energetics of Marma Therapy
  • Ayurvedic corollaries with Marmani
  • Classification, location, and function of the Marma Points
  • Benefits of Marma Therapy
  • Treatment sequence
  • Allied therapeutic modalities (aromatherapy, crystals, therapeutic touch)

Intermediate Level Training

40 hours | TBA
Available to students completing the Beginners Level Training Course

  • Refinement of treatment method
  • Identifying client conditions to apply appropriate treatment
  • Yoga physiology (Koshas, Nadis, Chakras) and Marmani
  • Marma Points connection to mental and conscious states

Advance Level Training

40 hours | TBA
Available to students completing the Beginners and Intermediate Levels

  • Understanding planetary influences and Marmani
  • Purification of the vessel (practitioner)
  • Abidance in sacred qualities (use of mantras, sound healing, and other vibrational techniques)
All training courses are available on five consecutive days or weekends

For Ayurvedic Practitioners, Health Care Providers, Massage Therapists, and Body Workers.

CEU Provider

Applications and Benefits of Marma Therapy (Marmachikitsa)

Marma therapy restores balance to the nervous system, burns cellular toxicity, and assists the brain in
the release of neurotransmitters that affect mood and pain. It also brings luster to the skin and an overall feeling of both rest and rejuvenation.

Physical Pain

Marma points are stimulated to reduce pain, improve circulation, de-stress the tissues, and improve
healing response: i.e., physical trauma, sports injuries, migraines, back and neck pain, scoliosis,
fractures, surgical recovery, TMJ syndrome and chronic fatigue to mention a few.

Organ Support and General Circulation

Local marmas can be stimulated to improve circulation to and from the deeper organs and tissues that cannot be easily massaged, to improve healing, increase oxygen, remove accumulated wastes (aam), and allow
the organs to self-heal: i.e., marmas of the neck and throat for thyroid conditions, similarly for kidney
stones, ovarian and uterine fibroids, infertility, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, constipation,
hepatitis and increases the body’s immune response.

Emotional Release

The marmas are delicately accessed and stimulated to remove blocked psychosomatic pain: i.e., high levels
of stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), loss and grief.
This profound work restores the flow of subtle energy and awakens the body’s innate healing powers.

Spiritual Awakening

Some of the Marmani are located close to the seven major chakras. These marmas can be used to awaken and heal imbalances in the chakras for those aware or not of their spirituality regardless of one’s religious beliefs. This application helps to release reoccurring obstacles to spiritual growth. It removes mental blockages, including those in the subconscious mind.

I am currently a second year student at Sampoorna College. I wanted to share my experience because it’s been one of the greatest learning journeys I’ve had so far. Sampoorna College is a very special place. There is a loving and supportive energy that is almost palpable. Compassion and patience…

After just one year of studying at Sampoorna, my overall health and perspective on life have completely changed. The teachers are all a gift - they are so thoughtful, always excited to teach, and really care about us as students and are completely invested in us and our comprehension. There…

I was looking for a place to learn Ayurveda, and I fortunately found Sampoorna. I have not only learned about Ayurveda, but it has also changed my life and as as result my health has improved (and the ones around me).This is a great place to learn with great teachers.…

This beautiful school offers the most authentic teachings from passionate teachers. If you interested in Ayurveda you'll fall in love with this school from day one.

There are no words to describe how Wonderful this school is. I feel at home and truly supported by every single teacher and student I have met on the journey so far. The teachers pour every bit of their hearts into each lesson, and it has been life changing to…

Hi! My name is Carolina and currently enrolled in my second year in the Associates Degree Program and completed my first year in July 2018 for the Certificate Degree Program. As a student for the past year at Sampoorna College of Ayurveda and Holistic Studies, I can say that it’s…

This school is the place to get your Ayurvedic education here in FL. The programs are comprehensive and give you a wealth of knowledge and opportunity. I am very lucky to have studied here and to continue my studies here!

Being a student at Sampoorna College of Ayurveda & Holistic studies was completely life-changing for me. The education I received in my first year during the Ayurveda Certificates Program changed how I view the world and how I live my life. I am currently enrolled in the Associates Degree Program…

Each of the teachers of Sampoorna are actively working in Ayurveda and applying Ayurveda to their lives. They share real-world applications of the concepts being taught. The in-school clinic allows us to see first-hand real-world applications of Ayurveda. This school prepares us for independence in Ayurveda modalities

Ayurveda is simply divine! And the teachings of great sages and seers come through with the help of the amazing teachers at Sampoorna Ayurvedic College.

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