Advanced Studies Diploma

For students and working professionals interested in mind-body healing and complete wellness.

Decoding the Spiritual Roots of Most Common Illnesses

Relationship between psyche, brain and body and their interconnection in the process of disease formation. Learn how to recognize physical symptoms and trace them back to emotional conflicts. Program Length: 36 hours


Diploma in Clinical AromatherapyThe diploma focuses on the in-depth study of essential oils and carrier oils and their applications. Program Length: 24 hours


Ayurvedic Chanting and Mantra- This diploma teaches special Ayurvedic (Healing) mantras / chants and practices for daily basis and for your constitution
and health. Program Length: 16 hours

Ayurvedic Nutrition- This diploma teaches about principles of Ayurvedic Cooking, and useful herbs, oils and foods and their healing properties and natures. Program Length: 16 hours

Ayurvedic Modalities- The diploma provides practical knowledge and experience on Ayurvedic bodywork such as shirodhara, nasya, abhyanga and other therapies. Program Length: 32 hours

Marma Training- The diploma emphasizes the Marma points that promotes healing on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Program Length: 36 hours

Pulse Diagnosis- The diploma program emphasizes pulse diagnosis as tools for assessment in Ayurvedic consultations. Program Length: 32 hours

Energy Medicine

Color Therapy- The diploma is a discussion of Color Therapy and its effect on mood, behavior and well-being. A color therapist uses color to balance the energy of their client’s body wherever it is lacking, whether it be on a physical, emotional, spiritual or mental level. Program Length: 10 hours

Crystal Therapy- The diploma in Crystal Healing teaches the art of laying on stones (crystals and gems) in coordination with the body’s energy field, energy centers and energy pathways. Correct placement of crystals on the body will promote emotional and mental harmony. Program Length: 10 hours

Energy Medicine- The diploma program will help you develop your natural ability to sense, use and channel energy, to build your intuition, and heal all levels of energy in others and how to attract clients to your practice. Program Length: 30 hours

Sound Healing- The diploma gives an overview of the basic structure of sound and how it can be used for meditation, relaxation, learning, productivity, healing and raising consciousness. Program Length: 10 hours


Reflexology- The diploma of Reflexology is a firm grounding in all key areas of reflexology. This course covers the training and skills required to operate in private practice. Program Length: 25 hours

Yoga (Vedic Studies)

Breathing Techniques- This diploma offers an in-depth understanding of prana and the energy body. nadis (energy channels), chakras, diaphragmatic and yogic breathing techniques. Program Length: 20 hours

Perfecting Yoga Poses- This diploma emphasizes specific yoga postures to deepen and expand your practice. This practicum course will explore specific inversions, binds and variations to basic postures. Program Length: 20 hours

Yoga Fundamentals- This diploma provides a detailed understanding of yoga foundations, postural alignment and breath. You will begin to gain an understanding of a yoga class structure and Sampoorna Yoga flow. Program Length: 20 hours

Bhagavad Gita (Vedic Studies)

The primary aim of the Bhagavad Gita Course is to understand universal principles by following the ‘Gita-way’ accessible to anyone who is ready for it. It provides a holistic and insightful understanding of the entire text in a clear way. It becomes a practical manual to live an awaken life in modern times. Program Length: 1 hour a week for 10 months

The Main Hindu Deities Seminar: Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva (Vedic Studies)

In Hinduism also referred to as Sanatan Dharma (Eternal Order), Brahman is the one supreme reality. There are also a multitude of individual gods and goddesses, each embodying different energies and roles. The gods of the Trimurti are not simply aspects of Brahman; they are also individual gods in their own right and they take on a variety of incarnations or avatars. Length: 20 hours

I am currently a second year student at Sampoorna College. I wanted to share my experience because it’s been one of the greatest learning journeys I’ve had so far. Sampoorna College is a very special place. There is a loving and supportive energy that is almost palpable. Compassion and patience…

After just one year of studying at Sampoorna, my overall health and perspective on life have completely changed. The teachers are all a gift - they are so thoughtful, always excited to teach, and really care about us as students and are completely invested in us and our comprehension. There…

I was looking for a place to learn Ayurveda, and I fortunately found Sampoorna. I have not only learned about Ayurveda, but it has also changed my life and as as result my health has improved (and the ones around me).This is a great place to learn with great teachers.…

This beautiful school offers the most authentic teachings from passionate teachers. If you interested in Ayurveda you'll fall in love with this school from day one.

There are no words to describe how Wonderful this school is. I feel at home and truly supported by every single teacher and student I have met on the journey so far. The teachers pour every bit of their hearts into each lesson, and it has been life changing to…

Hi! My name is Carolina and currently enrolled in my second year in the Associates Degree Program and completed my first year in July 2018 for the Certificate Degree Program. As a student for the past year at Sampoorna College of Ayurveda and Holistic Studies, I can say that it’s…

This school is the place to get your Ayurvedic education here in FL. The programs are comprehensive and give you a wealth of knowledge and opportunity. I am very lucky to have studied here and to continue my studies here!

Being a student at Sampoorna College of Ayurveda & Holistic studies was completely life-changing for me. The education I received in my first year during the Ayurveda Certificates Program changed how I view the world and how I live my life. I am currently enrolled in the Associates Degree Program…

Each of the teachers of Sampoorna are actively working in Ayurveda and applying Ayurveda to their lives. They share real-world applications of the concepts being taught. The in-school clinic allows us to see first-hand real-world applications of Ayurveda. This school prepares us for independence in Ayurveda modalities

Ayurveda is simply divine! And the teachings of great sages and seers come through with the help of the amazing teachers at Sampoorna Ayurvedic College.

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