Vedic Astrology

Jyotisha Consultations

Jyotisha, or Indian Astrology, facilitates the understanding of karma through destiny patterns in a chart to remove sorrow and bring light into our lives.

The consultation is designed to support you, identify your strengths, work on the challenges, and reconnect with the natural flow of your own life by understanding your chart. The reading helps the unfolding of the matrix of our internal environment and how we relate to the external to make the most of our potential and become aware of how consciousness is expressed through our lives in all ways, including our blueprint, patterns, and what we believe as limitations. Once we have the proper understanding and tools, we can transform it.

We offer consultations via Zoom to anywhere in the world.

Initial Consultation

The session includes the analysis of major life themes (such as family, education, finances, marriage, and children), abilities, strengths and weaknesses, life purpose, direction, and major life transitions. 

$175 for 75 minutes


This shorter consultation serves as a general update focusing on your questions.

$150 for 60 minutes

Compatibility Session

What is your personal view on relationships? How am I conditioned, and what triggers my conditioning in a relationship? How can we use our strengths to support each other? What areas need skillfulness and cultivation? How do I understand karmic events within a relationship? Jyotisha offers the tools to assess the compatibility of potential or existing relationships, whether romantic or professional.

$200 for 90 minutes

Choosing Auspicious Times

When is a supportive time to apply for a job, send a loan application, or get married? Indian Astrology or Muhurta offers tools to help you align with the larger flow of destiny patterns, maximizing your chances of success in beginning new projects or activities.

Pricing varies according to the specifics of the situation.