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Sampoorna Ayurvedic College is pleased to announce its official working partnership and professional affiliation with Apthasree Ayurveda, a leader in Ayurvedic medicine in Kerala, India.

Apthasree Ayurveda offers services ranging from individualized ayurvedic consultations to in-house clinical panchakarma treatments. Treatments are individualized for, but not limited to, neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders, gynecological issues, fertility treatments, digestive disorders as well as cancer.

Unparalleled as an international service provider and in addition to offering education and specialized treatment worldwide, Apthasree Ayurveda provides an extraordinary partnership with Sampoorna Ayurvedic College as south Florida’s leading Ayurvedic educational and treatment service institution.

Together, our unified goal enhances how we continue to offer the very best authentic Ayurvedic education and treatment service available in the United States and India.

Doctor Prapanch

Doctor Prapanch

BSc. (Botany)
BAMS from RGUHS, Bangalore, India
MD (Ayu) in Rasasastra from RGUHS , Bangalore, India MS (Psychotherapy and counseling)

Grandson of ayurvedic legend Edayadi kunhikannan vaidyar (known as Edayadi Vaidyar) who held the lamp of great wisdom of Ayurvedic Ashtavaidya System. Edayadi Vaidyar (1906-1972) was a follower of Rasasastra paramparya graduated from the Madras University was well known in the field of Ayurveda. He followed the footsteps of his grandfather and dedicated himself to the development and promotion of Ayurveda. After BSc. degree in Botany he took his BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda) degree and master degree (MD Ayurveda) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore. He also did his MSc. in counseling and Psychotherapy. He has been dedicating himself in the field of Ayurveda as a consultant physician and Ayurveda professor since 2004.

Currently serving as:

  • MD of Integrated Ayurvedic Health Care Pvt. Ltd.
  • Consultant physician, Apthasree Ayurveda Hospital and clinic
  • Professor of Ayurveda for students in India and abroad.
  • Member of Advisory board CAC (Council of Ayurveda Credentialing) and various national and international health associations.
  • Working in the field of Sanskrit for the promotion of this ancient Indian language and Indian cultural heritage.
  • Put the basement of 50 bedded hospital and resort In order to give international standard ayurvedic treatment and hospitality.

Professional achievements:

  • Dr. Prapanch is an expert in treating any chronic and so-called incurable diseases.
  • He established Apthasree Ayurveda Hospital and clinic which treats Thousands of patients every year from all over the world.
  • He worked as a lecturer at Parassinikadav Ayurveda Medical College, Kannur, India.
  • He worked as the consultant physician in the department of toxicology at Pappinissery Visha Chikithsa Centre where he treated a number of cases of poisonous bite and different skin diseases.
  • He developed more than 25 proprietary authentic healthcare and beauty care products.
  • He is a regular contributor to several health magazines, has written thousands of articles in Ayurveda.
  • Started various Ayurveda promoting activities like Ayurveda pharmacy, panchakarma hospital, Ayurveda magazines, organic farming, homa farming.
  • Conducted many awareness programs on Ayurveda, yoga and homa therapy.
  • His aim is to spread and popularize authentic Ayurveda and yoga around the globe.
  • Established different institute and organization for the research and development in the field of Ayurveda.
Doctor Asha Prapanch

Doctor Asha Prapanch

BAMS from RGUHS, Bangalore, India
MD (Ayu) in Rasasastra from RGUHS, Bangalore, India Certificate in Ayurvedic Cosmetology (ISM)

Dr. Asha Prapanch is a renowned Ayurveda practitioner and Ayurveda Professor. She took her BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda) and master degree MD Ayurveda from Rajeev Gandhi University of health sciences Bangalore, India. She did many courses in yoga and in Ayurvedic cosmetology. She started her career as an Ayurveda practitioner in 2004 with a goal of spreading the authentic knowledge Ayurveda, treating the patients and leading the people to live with ayurveda. She worked as a Panchakarma specialist and hospital in charge in many panchakarma hospitals in India.

Currently serving as:

  • Currently, she is working as a chief physician at Apthasree ayurveda Hospital where along with panchakarma treatments she advices the complete healthcare with advice on diet, routine and yoga.
  • Director of Integrated ayurvedic healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ayurveda Professor for doctors and students in India and abroad.
  • Working in the field of Sanskrit for the promotion of this ancient Indian language and Indian cultural heritage.

Professional achievements:

  • Excellent academic performer being college topper for both BAMS and MD studies.
  • Successfully managed many ayurveda panchakarma hospitals in Kerala and outside Kerala.
  • Worked as a Ayurveda Practitioner and Lecturer at Parassinikadav Ayurveda Medical College, Kannur, Kerala.
  • Worked as a head of production and quality controller of Ayurveda Pharmacy.

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