I am currently a second year student at Sampoorna College. I wanted to share my experience because it’s been one of the greatest learning journeys I’ve had so far. Sampoorna College is a very special place. There is a loving and supportive energy that is almost palpable. Compassion and patience are also abundant factors. Every teacher I’ve had so far has been incredibly knowledgeable and incredibly generous in sharing what they know. Through Sampoorna, Ayurveda has come alive for me. Culminating in our annual trip to India for our internship at Apthasree Ayurvedic Hospital where I saw patients treated solely with Ayurvedic medicine, and saw amazing recovery from crippling IBS to a severely injured spine. But the teachings go deeper than the books and PowerPoints, as in Ayurveda the classes give a way for the students to look deeper at themselves and approach health through wholeness; wholeness of mind, body and spirit. I plan to continue at Sampoorna Ayurvedic College to not only grow as a practitioner but as a person.